The SpecTrain - EL Controller / Sequencer is used for the synchronized control of the sequence and pattern of LED Lights and EL Lights used on LED Costumes and EL Costumes designed with LEDs, EL Wires, EL Tapes, EL Strips, EL Panels, etc. The SpecTrain - EL Controller / Sequencer involves the use of a Wireless RF Transmitter / Receiver Link along with a Windows Compatible Graphic User Interface Software. Our Clientele for the SpecTrain - EL Controller / Sequencer would include Event & Show Organisers, Choreographers, Dancers, Entertainers, Movie Makers, etc.


Following is the Feedback given by our valued customer Kartikeya Ranga of Illuminati, Mumbai, India for the SpecTrain - EL Controller / Sequencer as used in their Electron / Tron Dance Act :


I want to thank you so very much for all your support in developing Electron. It not only shows your brilliance and capabilities but also proves professionalism in delivering exactly what is promised. I am very positive that we will require some more products from you in the near future.


Kartikeya Ranga ( Illuminati - Partner, Mumbai, India )



SpecTrain - EL Controller / Sequencer

Clientele : Event & Show Organisers, Choreographers, Dancers, Entertainers, Movie Makers, etc.


Techniques Merged - SpecTrain - EL Controller / Sequencer

Key Features : Wireless RF Transmitter / Receiver


• Operates on the 2.5 GHz. ISM and SRD Frequency Band

• + 9 V DC Power Input with On Board Reverse Polarity Protection

• DC Power Input and RF Data Transmission / Reception indicator LEDs

• Optically Isolated Serial Data Interface for connection to PC

• Support for up to 32 Address / Costume ( not included ) Identifiers ( See Note )

• 8 EL / LED Output Channels per Address / Costume for connection to EL / LED Devices

• On Board Port for connection to External AC Inverter ( not included ) for EL Devices

• Complete isolation between AC and DC sides ( Safe and Shock Proof )

• Configuration Setup using On Board 8 Pin DIP Switch

• Continuous Sync Word search acting as Unique System Identifier

• Checksum Transmission / Reception for Error Detection and Correction

• 30 Feet Guaranteed Maximum Wireless RF Coverage Range ( See Note )

• 100 ms. Guaranteed Maximum Sequence Update Interval ( See Note )

• Dimensions : 152 mm. x 100 mm. x 43 mm.


Key Features : Graphic User Interface Software


• Windows XP , Windows Vista and Windows 7 Compatible

• Single Panel User Friendly Interface with multiple Shortcut Keys and Dropdown Menus

• WAV ( *.wav ) Audio File Format Support with Track Duration up to 15 mins.

• Full Playback Control including Loop ( Repeat ) and At till To Playback Mode

• Dual Channel ( Left / Right ) Waveform Display with Progress Indicator

• 9 Amplitude Scale Zoom Levels and 9 Time Scale Span Selections

• Serial Comm. Port Support for connection to Wireless RF Transmitter

• Support for Remote Configuration Setup of Wireless RF Transmitter


Note : Performance Parameters subject to change under External RF Interference conditions


SpecTrain - EL Controller / Sequencer

SpecTrain - EL Controller / Sequencer - Brochure


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Updated on : 2 Dec 2014